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We are a creative house that encompasses anything and everything video and storytelling. We work with you (people, companies and agencies) to help you realize your video projects and social media strategies. When you hire us you are not hiring a company: We become an extension of your company. You don't necessarily need a production house because you will be one yourself. We will take you through every step and manage the production process for you and be a part of your team. Your company can use us in house or for your clients.

Billie Mintz is an award winning filmmaker in film production for over 20 years. He has lots of experience to share with you. As self proclaimed web scientists, we are excited to join you on your journey, into the unknown to find and identify the “conversation that clicks” for your campaign. More importantly we will ensure that you/your clients are happy to return to the internet with your product and share your message with the world. Our intention is to create relevant stories that will engage and enlist your audience.

We have state of the art equipment and gear available to make a superior product and we provide undeniable value. We are a smaller company which allows us to work with various budgets and all of our solutions are turn-key; meaning we can write Monday, shoot Tuesday, edit Wednesday and have a final product in just days. We cater to clients who need video at a high quality level but don’t necessarily have the budget or time to deal with a big production house.

Most of all, we pride ourselves on facilitating a fun experience in creating content as we want to be your “catalyst for awesomeness".

At the Imagin8r Lab it starts with having awesome people working in an awesome situation. We have gathered a team using our own special brand of “personality feng shui”. We put the right people together for your project using our extended network of some of the most creative people in town. We will work with you and your idea until it becomes a whole different world of better.

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Billie has built a niche reputation as a versatile online video director who excels at reality-based, branded entertainment. As a filmmaker and web scientist, he brings his principles of storytelling and engaging with communities to the field of marketing.

In 1999, Billie founded Artists Raising Consciousness Inc. (ARC Institute), a social media advocacy agency that uses storytelling and film to enroll users both online and offline as active participants in social issues and philanthropy.

Billie is a signed commercial broadcasting director with Industry Films, represented by the National Speakers Bureau on the topic of social media and community engagement, and is a member of the Canadian Actor's Union (ACTRA), the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) and the Canadian Film and Television Producers Association (CFTPA). As an internationally exhibited director, writer, cinematographer and producer, he has been the recipient of prestigious grants from BravoFACT!, CIFVF, Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council.