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How effectively are you using video and social media for your Marketing? Here is a tip:

Don't make videos only for your website where you have to pull people from the internet to see your site. That's a waste of energy and marketing dollars. You don't want to be isolated and remain apart from the rest of the internet. No website is an island.

Make videos for the internet that people can use, enjoy, and pass on for their friends to try. When you push your videos out there (instead of attempting to pull people to your site), the videos will be shared around the internet and eventually your viewers will come back to you.

Besides having an awesome video that everyone wants to share (that is what we will do) we will help you get it out there as well. We work with some of the smartest people on the internet that have the know how and the resources to launch and market your social media campaign so it does not just sit on your website collecting virtual dust. No one wants videos with low numbers. We can help facilitate a successful strategy through both storytelling and online placement that will get your video seen by users everywhere.