Let’s get this straight. We do not make "viral" videos. No one does. Anyone who tells you they are making a viral video, really doesn't understand what they are doing or they are misleading you.

Here is a chart we created (after much research) to show the number of videos produced on the internet and how many of them go viral.

Videos do go viral, that's what we all hope for, but we cannot guarantee why or when they do. No one can. Not even the smartest advertisers in the world can do that. Regardless, people will try to get your business by promising otherwise. For further insight, please watch this guide “How to Make a Viral Video” that we made for Aylmer. We do have theories on what can make a video contagious. We can discuss them in person. They change daily. So does the internet...

What we can do is help you create a video and campaign that will have some contagious awesomeness while most importantly getting your message to your target market… and then some.

To see behind the scenes of our Aylmer campaign, click here.

As an unconventional business model, we don't use rate cards. Your budget dictates the project. Regardless of your budget we will create and execute something that both your team and our team are extremely happy with. We take pride in our work and every project is equally important. We love what we do and we are confident you will too. Most of all, you will have fun. Try us, you will like it.